Fast-Track Your Success

81 Leads in the first 4 weeks using the Building Boom Facebook Ads System!

One of our Sydney builders discovered just how easy it is to win new work with Facebook Ads - Getting 81 leads in the first 4 weeks of using the exact methods covered in this course.

Using our signature process that has been used like clockwork for the last two years you too can generate enough work to grow your company to the heights you want.

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Course Material

Everything you need to succeed!

  • Templates

    You'll get every template you need for success. This includes landing pages and winning ads and full setup instructions so you can set up and launch quickly (less than a day!)

  • Fast-Track

    Everything inside this course will fast-track your success. You will literally point and click through your setup to the launch of your ads with our guided process.

  • Support Calls

    We include two 45 minute support calls for everyone who purchases this course so you have access to experts to review your campaigns and recommend improvements.

Course curriculum

Grow your building company sales using Facebook Ads

  • 1
    Welcome to the Building Boom Academy
    • Preparation Before You Can Turn Your Ads Live
    • Get Support
    • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • 2
    Ads & Funnels - Foundations
    • Setting up your Business Manager Account, Ad Account & Business Page
    • Setting up the Facebook Pixel
    • What are Audiences?
    • Setting Up Your Audiences
    • Audiences - Interest Based Targeting List
    • Conversions
    • Setting Up Your Conversion Tracking
    • What are Lead Forms and why use them?
    • Setting Up Your Lead Forms
    • Why we recommend Zapier & a CRM system
    • Set up your Landing Pages
    • Setting up an Instant Experience (landing page)
    • Facebook Advertising Policies (IMPORTANT!)
    • Budgeting for Ads and Allocating across campaigns
  • 3
    Build & Launch your Campaigns
    • Understanding the Buyers Journey (How someone chooses their builder)
    • Think like a Customer
    • Top, Middle & Bottom of Funnel
  • 4
    First Home Builders
    • Workflow Download
    • Top of Funnel #1 - Interests
    • Top of Funnel #2,3,4,5 - Lookalikes
    • Middle of Funnel - Engagement
    • Bottom of Funnel - Remarketing
  • 5
    Mid-Market (Approx: $250k-$600k)
    • Workflow Download
    • Workflow for your Ads
    • Top of Funnel #1 - Interests
    • Top of Funnel #2,3,4,5 - Lookalikes
    • Middle of Funnel - Engagement
    • Bottom of Funnel - Remarketing
  • 6
    Luxury Home Builders ($800k+)
    • Workflow download
    • Workflow for your Ads
    • Top of Funnel #1 - Interests
    • Creating an Instant Experience
    • Top of Funnel #2,3,4,5 - Lookalikes
    • Middle of Funnel - Engagement
    • Bottom of Funnel - Remarketing

Get Leads on Demand

Facebook Ads is the fastest way to generate sales for Home Builders.

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  • You need more sales for your home building company

  • You don't want to try to figure out Facebook Ads yourself

  • You want to know what works right now

  • You're ready to implement and get sales


(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You will receive access for 2 years in the course once enrolled and you'll also receive all updates we make to the course during that time.

  • Will this work for me?

    If you're a home builder with a website - the answer is YES. Even if you've never run Facebook Ads before or even if you haven't posted on Facebook before - this program will generate you leads for your building company.

  • Should I buy this or work with your agency to do everything for me?

    We created this course for builders who aren't getting the results they want from Facebook advertising and want to take control themselves. So if you're not getting results or want to do better with your Facebook ads, we recommend you buy this course. If you would prefer to work with an agency who can do everything for you and have an annual advertising budget that exceeds $60,000 - contact us at Building Boom for our 'done for you' services.

  • I build these types of homes...

    We've created this course to help home builders in these niches; First Home Builders, Second & Third Home Builders, Single Storey Home Builders, Double Storey Home Builders, Project Home Builders, Luxury & Custom Home Builders. If that's you, this course will help you win business with Facebook Ads.

  • How long does it take to win clients?

    If you follow this course and implement everything you can be live with your ads on Day 2. As soon as your ads are live you can start generating leads. The number of leads you get will depend on the amount you spend on your ads.


1 Time Payment: Price includes GST.